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Caixiplás is the official representative and manufacturer of VEKA Joinery (PVC-U rigid frames) with the highest german quality.

Based on the latest technology, selection of raw materials of high quality, and a system for the manufacture of frames with significant advantages (when compared with other traditional systems), take the opportunity to highlight the main features of this system, which by itself make him the undisputed choice for quality, as you can see by our experience and longevity.


  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • System with multi-chambered profiles
  • Profiles that require no maintenance
  • Resistance to weather: pollution and marine environments of high corrosion; acid rain; lime; cement; etc...
  • High impact resistance
  • A complete range of profiles for all types of solutions

Besides these factors, there is still the highlight other features no less important, and they are:

  • Welded steel frames, hot melt and electronic profiles that allow a perfect sealing of the frame
  • Metallic reinforcements in galvanized iron of appropriate size;
  • High stability thanks to the robust design in the walls of the profile
  • The corner support ensures correct adjustment of the fittings of close
  • Fittings of german origin and quality assured
  • Drainage of vestibules second recent cases, monitoring output of water from leaves, or even as the structure of the rim profile
  • Canal water collection
  • Protective self-adhesive tape, which allows the manufacture and assembly of frames without the danger of damaging them
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