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The VEKA window systems are available in a wide range of solid colors and wood textures in continuous development, as:

Standards: White; Wood Texture - ; Grey - ; Green - [Dark (RAL 6009)].

Special Colors: Wood Texture - [Spruce; Oak Light/American; Dark Oak/Wenge, Oak Rustic/Brazilian Sucupira; Walnut Senna; Nordic Pine/Riga; Pine Oregano III; Rustic Pine, Red Senna; Winchester]; Yellow (RAL 1018); Blue - [Steel (RAL 5011); Bright (RAL 5007); Cobalt (RAL 5013)]; White - [Cream (RAL 9001); Papyrus (RAL 9018)]; Brown [Dark (RAL 8022); Ground (RAL 8019)]; Grey - [Agate (RAL 7038); Basalt (RAL 7012); Clear  (RAL 7035): Silver (RAL 7001)]; Green - [Blue (RAL 6004); Emerald (RAL 6001); Moss (RAL 6005)]; Red - [Fire (RAL 3000); Purple (RAL 3004); Rubi (RAL 3003); Wine (RAL 3005)].

The application of wood textures and solid colors, with the exception of white, takes place by the lamination of the base profile with a heatshrunk film high resistance to sunlight, thus guaranteeing a perfect and lasting finish.

Lacquered colors: Due to high market demand and the need to deliver a higher suit color was developed the new technique of lacquering in U-PVC profiles, so it may have a greater ability to respond by presenting all possible colors in the RAL International Table. The lacquer on U-PVC profiles is made by spraying monolayer system with two components for all colors, except for color aluminum RAL 9006 which will be applied in spraying bilayer. The technique of lacquering is applicable to all profiles and series marketed by us. Safeguard the right to inform you that we do not consider the solution of lacquering the most feasible, safe and durable.

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