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Softline Ekosol (SL/EK)

The sliding system Ekosol, with soft edges, is the ideal solution for new construction and renovation of both houses as hotels or public buildings that have no room to stop gap, because of their adaptability in different shapes and colors.

It allows you to embed the rim of the shutter winder reducing installation time on site.

Glazing gaskets made of EPDM/TPE are easily interchangeable, withstanding the inclement weather as well as premature aging and maintaining its high elasticity.

The EKOSOL system profiles for windows and sliding doors, has 3/2 cameras (frame/leaf) and 70mm deep. A careful design that combines high performance thermal and acoustic insulation along with a stylized aesthetic finish line, offering comfort and savings.

The profiles of the rim, leaf and lane, thanks to its high strength, high impermeability, easy preparation and long shelf life, allows manufacture of large components.

The large, sturdy neck allows the glazing to 28mm, allowing a high acoustic attenuation and a major thermal.

His new design includes notable improvements in their development when thinking about reaching the highest values of thermal insulation system that convert EKOSOL one of the best systems for windows and sliding doors of the market.

The system allows the replacement of the stuffed by a double ring seal between the rim and leaf increasing the benefits of window.

Improvements in the ribs. Thus, the further enhancement of closed ring prevents deformation of the rim in the future installation of the element. At the same time, the ribs in the leaf have more inertia, improving the tightness factor.

Eyelashes sheet covering the rim, have flat design that facilitates the closure of the ring-sheet, thereby achieving a smoother operation and without shock.

The new building outside the central chamber, high inertial allows to achieve high performance in wind resistance and is available in the same finishes as the other profiles.

The central section was modified by improving their benefits. A new design of central U-PVC fitting into two parts, which can be used interchangeably in leaves of window and door without any additional accessory, achieving thus a better thermal behavior of the element. This new plugin enables the use of a double row of joints in addition to the usual pile, thereby achieving superior results in a watertight and air permeability.

Thus, the new shot of the side cover to simplify manufacturing and provide the benefits of window.

The system of sliding EKOSOL Softline profiles, is available in all colors of VEKA profile systems for doors and windows, including tones or smooth metal and wood with smooth or textured surface finish, in line with the new architectural trends, providing innovation and differentiation for each project.

Not forgetting that in the case of a system of VEKA profile, maintenance is minimal only soap and water resisting the action of external agents such as solar radiation, humidity, corrosion, etc.

The high quality and easy recycling of U-PVC used in the fabrication of this system makes it the ideal solution to the problem of closure for both exterior renovation and new work, and for all types of conditions especially in harsh environments such as coastal zones are or large cities.

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