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It is with great pleasure that I present Caixiplás to you.

Founded in 1987, we are the oldest portuguese company in the manufacture and installation of PVC-U window frames.

Always demanding and high quality criteria, we still aim:

"Quality is our best guarantee of customer loyalty, our strongest defense against unfair competition and the only path to growth."

Waiting for your contact, I invite you to visit our website.

Paulo Taborda
(Director General)


FEE - Energy Efficiency Fund
03 Warning Efficient Building
CAIXIPLÁS is in the Energy Labelling System for Windows.
Ecology: Environmental Protection and Recycling.

Efficient Windows

The isolation at home is one of the best valued factors among consumers. The thermal insulation includes a major savings in household expenditure, in Winter with heating and air conditioning in the Summer.

The windows of PVC-U VEKA avoid the effect of "cold wall" of a window and the undesirable effect of conventional condensation.

The acoustic insulation provides quality of life and health, particularly in areas with a significant noise pollution, as can be the big cities or areas in close proximity to sources of noise (roads, airports, railways, shopping and leisure).

One of the qualities that make the PVC material suitable and profitable to build, is their easy assembly in accordance with traditional forms, thanks to the design of the profiles studied, with its great mechanical strength and easy handling in its work, contribute facilitate considerably the assembly of the window.

However we are talking about a material self-extinguishing and fire-resistant, it ceases to burn when you remove the heat source, contributing to greater safety for construction.

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